Monday, September 25, 2017

Star Trek Discovery: Infinite Bellicosity in Infinite Conflagrations


I really don't know where to start.

I watched the two-part opener of the new Star Trek series and I'm still wondering if I didn't hallucinate it all. I'm still wondering if I didn't have some weird flashback and find myself in an alternate timeline where Star Trek was created by John McCain and Lindsey Graham instead of Gene Roddenberry. A weird dimension where Star Trek is very slick and very costly recruitment propaganda for some alternate-reality, militarized Space Fleet.

Oh wait- I forgot. We already have a militarized Space Fleet in this reality.
Members of Congress have laid the groundwork for the U.S Air Force to establish a new branch of the military, known as a Space Corps, by January of 2019.

The proposal came from Congressmen Mike Rogers, R-Ala., and Jim Cooper. D-Tenn., the top representatives of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, which oversees military space operations. They introduced the legislation into the House Armed Services Committee National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Tuesday. 
According to a joint statement by Rogers and Cooper, the Space Corps would reorganize the national security space enterprise “to ensure prioritization of the space domain by creating a U.S. Space Corps as a separate military service within the Department of the Air Force and under the civilian leadership of the Secretary of the Air Force.” 
"There is bipartisan acknowledgement that the strategic advantages we derive from our national security space systems are eroding," the statement said, "We are convinced that the Department of Defense is unable to take the measures necessary to address these challenges effectively and decisively, or even recognize the nature and scale of its problems."
Now I get it. Just how militaristic was all this then?

Well, it's the most flagrantly militaristic SF I have seen since in a very, very long time. So much so that it actually veers perilously close to doctrinaire fascism.

First of all, forget the prefab debates over "diversity"; that was just a master-class lesson in Knowles' First Law ("Whenever a controversy over symbolism erupts in the media, it's usually disguising another hidden symbolic message altogether.") There's no real diversity to be found here, every individual impulse is subordinated to authority. The only conflict among the crew is how genocidal they should actually become.

This is the fetishization of uniformity and the worship of empire. This is the weaponization of Star Trek. This is the Star Trek I always saw the potential for but hoped would never come. This is the Verhoeven Starship Troopers version of Trek, without the smirking irony. And it's so techno-fetishistic, it's practically slashporn for AIs.

We're a long, long way from Deep Space Nine, my friends.

Let me be absolutely clear about this: Star Trek Discovery is nothing else but a balls-out glorification of preemptive war and technocracy, the militarization of women and the (literal) demonization of individuality. Peacemakers and diplomats are not only seen as weak and naive dupes but as virtual traitors who get what's coming to them. 

Just how vitriolic is this new Trek? Well, look at it this way: the insufficiently-warlike science officer is revealed to be a member of a race who exist only to be hunted and eaten. 

No, I'm serious.

We see yet another makeover for the Klingons, who are more inhuman and grotesque than we've ever seen them. They are irredeemably alien, sporting bizarre costumes and mouths filled with huge, sharklike fangs. 

Come back, General Murtok. All is forgiven.

And despite all the diversity window-dressing, most of the Klingons are not only very dark-skinned (and apparently played by predominantly black actors) they are actively racist towards light-skinned Klingons. And they're also fanatically-religious and emotional where our Starfleet heroes are Dawkinsian wet-dreams of cold rationality.

Yet the Klingons are also responding to what a reasonable person could argue were aggressive actions by the Federation; installing a plasma array (read: military equipment) near their border, invading their sovereign territory and killing one of their citizens.

However, the Klingon's real transgression seems to be "clinging on" to individuality (or "disarray" as Starfleet sees it) and resisting the joy and glory of wearing the ostentatiously-Masonic Starfleet uniform, which reduces all diversity and difference to a neatly-manageable singularity of mind and purpose. 

Oh, I almost forgot: the Klingons' god Kahless is actually Lucifer, in case you didn't figure all that out. We're subjected to excruciatingly long and ponderous scenes in which the Klingons growl about their worship of "Light" and argue about who will be their new "Torchbearer" since Michael- yes, her name is Michael- does away with the old one. 

Never mind the de rigeur ludicrousness of five-foot tall women beating up trained soldiers who are literally three times their bodymass, the blatant symbolism along the way just makes your jaw drop. 

How blatant? Well, the entire two-parter actually takes place in the solar system of a binary star. In fact the second part is titled "Battle at the Binary Stars." So, my guess that we would be seeing some Sirius symbology in this series was right on the money.

Plus, an unsubtle 9/11 inference.* That happens too.

There are all kinds of little AAT easter eggs tossed in along the way, including a riff on the Nazca Lines. There are 17s dropped here and there in the dialog and all kinds of sacred geometry and occult symbolism scattered hither and yon. 

We also get a running visual clue that may point to an Hegelian dialectic; the Masonic royal blue-and-gold isn't just sewn into the Starfleet uniform, we also see a kind of inversion of it among the Klingons, whose environments are as predominantly gold as the Starfleet environments are predominantly blue. The unconscious implication of all this being that one day the troublesome binary (or "chaos" as the series trailer has it) will be resolved through Synthesis to the harmonious Starfleet unitary.

Yeah. It's not your imagination- this is our pop culture circa 2017. So how does this all work as drama?

Well, it has its moments, even if those moments are all shamelessly manipulative, emotionally-speaking. The writers pull out some fairly-effective tricks from the agitational-propaganda toolkit even if all they are essentially doing is re-staging "Sacrifice of Angels."  I can't begin to imagine how much they spent on this production but every single penny is up on the screen.

However, the acting is uniformly terrible.

I realize that's almost a gimme with any Trek pilot but still, you notice. The woman who plays Michael-- no, seriously, her name is Michael-- is not only a bad actor she's really not much of a screen presence. When she isn't pouty she's livid, and her fan-service backstory really doesn't do much of anything but give you a slight whiff of paedo-ick. 

And her asskicking really doesn't go over very well. She looks about as tough as the Keebler Elf. But I don't want to single her out; everyone else is equally as terrible. And plus, it's not her fault her character is the mariest Mary Sue who ever sue'd. (And seriously; who else but a Hollywood hack would send two extremely petite women on a commando raid into a stronghold of alien death-cultists the size of linebackers?)

Mind you, I'm not worried about the "diversity" casting-- my favorite Trek is DS9, after all-- I have a problem with the shitty acting. 

Having signed up for CBS All Access to watch this postmodern Green Berets will I continue on with it? For the time being, probably yes. It's such a mind-boggling fever-dream of a Trek I'm actually kind of fascinated by it. By that I mean it's such over-the -top warmongering propaganda generously seasoned with cryptomasonic symbology it's practically my obligation to see how this all plays out.

In the past I didn't worry overmuch about the fact that Star Trek is basically propaganda advertising for a worldwide military dictatorship because I didn't really see it reaching an audience that I was particularly worried about, militarily-speaking. But today, with the ubiquity of desktop drone warfare and the ideological struggle sessions taking place on college campuses every day, I actually am starting to get a bit concerned about it.

I'll let Lt. Commander Eddington have the final word...

*As well as a dig against those peacenik Euroweenies.


  1. War fever does seem to be in the air of late, so I suppose this kind of propaganda shouldn't be all that surprising. Still, the masonic aspect I find fascinating, & was wondering what your thoughts are on the possibility that instead of a masonic-focused religion being foisted on the populace vis-a-vis the "Changing Images of Man" endgame, the Plan B as it were has a masonic-focused pop culture being the new vector for such manipulation. I guess the real question then is, are we seeing this kind of thing now elsewhere?

    1. Changing Images of Man strikes me much less of a polemic for Masonic ideals than a manifesto for what Sheldon Wolin termed Inverted Totalitarianism (where the economy/corporations dominate politics, maintaining the illusion of democracy while subverting it). Wolin specifically mentioned the 'unholy coalition' of militarists and corporatists and their role in normalizing war. Perhaps TPTB have decided open war is necessary/inevitable in maintaining superpower status and that's why it's being so blatantly glorified and shoved down the throats of the American public?

      Though I'm hardly an expert on all things Masonic, so I'm very interested to hear Chris' answer to your question.

    2. I'm very glad David brought that up. Here is exactly what Changing Images of Man has to say on the matter:

      Of special interest to the Western world is that Freemasonry tradition which played such a significant role in the birth of the United States of America, attested to by the symbolism of the Great Seal (on the back of the dollar bill). In this version of the transcendental image, the central emphasis is on the role of creative work in the life of the individual. (In “true Freemasonry” there is one lodge, the universe-and one brotherhood, everything that exists. Each person has the “privilege of labor,” of joining with the “Great Architect” in building more noble structures and thus serving in the divine plan.) Thus this version of the “new transcendentalism” (perhaps more than other versions imported from the East more recently) has the potentiality of reactivating the American symbols, reinterpreting the work ethic, supporting the basic concepts of a free-enterprise democratic society, and providing new meanings for the technological-industrial thrust.

      Look at how Masonic symbolism has been disseminated to the public, how it's been made cool and edgy and rebellious through its association with hip hop, pop and high fashion. Masonic symbolism and ideas have always been part of our culture- pop culture as we know it today could very well be argued to be a Masonic creation, given its roots in industrialized entertainment in 19th Century Britain and the predominance of Freemasonry in early Hollywood. What we are seeing is the facade built around Freemasonry after the Morgan Affair- meaning its reinvention as a harmless boy's club- fall away as LARP Masonry fades and a new phase- almost certainly planned and war-gamed to the hilt- begin.

      People don't understand what Freemasonry really is, don't understand where it really came from, don't understand what it is really about. They don't understand how unimaginably influential the Masonic system has been on nearly every institution in the world, even those that are outwardly Anti-Masonic. The Masonic system is not the Grand Lodge of England Freemasonry. It's a hierarchal system of consolidating knowledge and power that dates back to the royal cults of Sumer-Akkad and their craft guilds that used secrecy as power. I'll be exploring this is more detail in the future.

      From the very beginning of this blog I've been trying to explain that the "Great Work" is the restoration of hierarchies of the ancient world, particularly those of Egypt and Babylon. You hear a lot of religious fundamentalists sort of garbling the same message but their cosmology really presents them from grasping the scale of it.

      Star Trek: Discovery is a clear signal to me that we're entering the next phase of the program. We're hearing all this absolutely moronic nonsense about that these racist-cartoon Klingons are Trumpsters when any thinking person can see they represent anyone in the developing world who doesn't want to go along with the program.

    3. Thanks for the informative reply! I was just about to post the very same quote, albeit in a somewhat different context, taken from this VERY interesting post on auticulture's blog:

      I'll quote something else rather relevant instead that pertains to culture at large & how this new/old freemason agenda may play into this on a larger scale, esp. with regards to effects globalization is having on work/identity & silicon valley's transhumaninist "answer" for everything:

      "Kripal’s article offered me still more to chew on. For example:

      Bataille observes that transgression derives its power from the taboo, that the transgression does not remove the taboo but suspends, completes, and transcends it, and that taboos were put in place very early in the development of human society in order to enable work and the construction of a social order. [Emphasis added]

      This intersects neatly with the Changing Images of Man quote about using Masonic symbolism to strengthen the work ethic. Willis W. Harman, Senior Social Scientist at SRI who co-edited Changing Images, was reputed to have been a key influence on Marilyn Ferguson’s best-selling book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, published in 1980.[1] Ferguson’s book reiterates many of the ideas found in Changing Images, including this one: “In the new paradigm, work is a vehicle for transformation.”

      Bataille believed that the primary function of taboos was to shape and maintain a social order, with a particular focus on work. The implementation of taboos gave rise to the idea of transgression, and the effect of transgression is not to remove taboo but to complete it (just as crime consolidates the force of law through opposing it).

      Taboos are primarily sexual taboos. De-eroticized spirituality is, like Christianity, a means to internalize taboos so they become intrinsic parts of philosophic belief, rather than being socially imposed (which only creates resistance to them). Nietzsche denounced Christianity for its “slave morality” and saw it as a religion fit for slaves. He also wrote: “Christianity gave Eros poison to drink; he did not die of it but degenerated to vice.” (Beyond Good and Evil, Wilder Publications, 2008, p. 56.) The most effective worker is either one who is devoid of erotic impulses or who channels those impulses into work itself (for example, by turning work into a game of “making out,” bringing the excitement of competition to what would otherwise be dull and soulless activity). For individuals to be incorporated into the social body, they have to first be cut off from their own bodies, and from the natural world.

      This ties into what has been called “the Singularity,” the spiritualized or religionist goal of technology to leave the planet via space travel (reach heaven) and achieve eternal life via consciousness-to-machine interface, i.e., through creating a non-biological vehicle for the personality to exist through. This is an example of what Changing Images of Man calls “new meaning for the technological-industrial thrust”—a spiritual or quasi-spiritual incentive for both industrialization (and labor) and scientific progress.[2]"

      & a big thanks to Auticulture for writing that. Another blog worth checking out.

    4. Very interesting, David. Couple quick adds here- first, I really hadn't thought much about Freemasonry these past few years and only wrote on it for the Oscars or something. Second what this is all really leading towards is a post-human reality, perhaps as distinguished from Transhumanism (which is actually rebranded Eugenics). It's about all difference and diversity being boiled down to a mean. That's really what we're seeing in STD. Look at how inhuman the Klingons look. And note also that they not only androgynized Shonequa Martin-Green, they appear to be digitally lightening her skintone quite considerably.

    5. I guess I still have cognitive dissonance between the superficial rhetoric of liberty, equality, and brotherhood, and the reality of the extreme hierarchy and elitism in Masonry. And as you've so accurately illustrated, rigid hierarchy is the name of this next phase of the program. It also feels like the imposition of this hierarchy/neo-feudalism is directly connected to the inundation of Siren/Babylon-Rising symbolism.

      I mean, wow, they basically have just come right out and said anyone who resists this control/domination/oppression is not even human and deserves death. (Using racist imagery to further drive home the point was just disgustingly low). I don't see how this can end well when so many people are swallowing the programming with nary a question or doubt. It feels like murderous isn't that far down the road.

    6. The trailer for episode 3 ('Context is for Kings', also previewing the rest of the series, features a non-starfleet character stating:

      'Have you ever bothered to look out of your spaceships at the little guys below? ...there's a lot more of us down there then there are you up here... we're sick & tired of getting caught in your crossfire'

      I doubt this chap & his fellow's fate will be a good one, as most non-starfleet shown throughout ST history don't fare well & those going up against the fed usually end up 'assimilated'/destroyed.

  2. Thanks Chris for your take on the Trek military industrial complex. Your gnosis/ heart is great. Resist the bastards in this black iron prison! 87

    1. Thank you very much, Dennis. I should add that I am not anti-military by any means, I am anti-militarism. The most thoughtful critiques of militarism have often come from those who have served in the armed forces.

  3. I had low expectations for this but damn.

    This goes way beyond war propaganda and into the realm of, as you say, overt fascism. Trek was always about empire but it always portrayed a wiser, less militaristic, more intellectual sort of empire. It depicted an empire that was perhaps somewhat worthy of being one.

    Place this against the backdrop of a culture that's resurrecting every ugly ideology imaginable -- LaVey-style cartoon Satanism, KKK, Naziism, totalitarian communism, you name it -- and it's down-right terrifying.

    At what point should we have a "go bag" ready? But go where?

    1. Where no man has gone before, apparently.

      Sorry, couldn't resist.... ...must....reach....transporter room....

    2. Yeah, I really don't know at this point. It's amazing how every sleeping demon seems to be awoken and plugged into the Borgsong but at the same time it's seems like it's all a LARP. I remember Boston being a lot more violent and contentious in the 1970s when everyone was a partisan Democrat and church-going Catholic. I don't know if there are any truly autonomous zones left.

  4. It's getting to the point that I'm no longer sure what the average American really believes. It's been drifting away from the average European point of view for quite a while, but at this point, I'm simply having trouble working out even simple things about how an American is likely to react to something. I mean, are people really likely to take the side of the Federation in this Star Trek, just because they are "the Federation"?

    I just saw the latest Kingsman movie, and I thought that it was laying it on really thick on how illogical the American government is. I thought many Americans would be really pissed off at the movie. And then I read the reviews, and it turns out that most Americans appear to believe that the movie implicitly supports the American government depicted there? Like people are having trouble believing somebody would openly disapprove of the American government, even in a completely fictional and silly scenario?

    It's getting to the point where I'm thinking: Well, at least in Franco's Spain you were allowed to think badly of the government, as long as you never ever said it in a loud voice. In the USA, it's almost as if thoughtcrime is already a fact.

    1. It's been drifting away from the average American point of view too, and from the not-so-average point of view, and from any sane point of view at all or even any insane point of view that retains any hint of positive humanity.

      At this point I can't tell if half the opinions I see online from Americans are real or trolls. Do some Christians actually think the Earth is flat? Do some anime-loving hacker types actually love Hitler and fascism now? Do college kids today really think everything that isn't completely milquetoast should have "trigger warning" printed on it? Or is this just a bunch of basement dwellers taking bong hits and competing to one-up each other posting nonsense and laughing their assess off?

      Wake up wake up wake up it's just a bad dream it's just a bad dream...

      It'd be funny if it wasn't so disturbing. The fringe has always been a mix of fascinating and insightful material (like this blog's author) and stuff that's just downright silly, but in the past I feel like even the silly stuff usually had a positive undertone to it. Even the insane were sane at some level. There was a sense that even the nuts wanted a positive outcome.

      Now the fringe is being mainstreamed, but it's not that fringe. Some subtile switch occurred. The new fringe is ugly and evil and wants to see the world burn and people to die.

      The skeptics are oddly silent about it, having themselves descended into their own weird echo chamber of lunacy. (Visit Reddit's skep/ath forums and cringe.)

      I don't even know what I'm trying to describe here. I don't even know if this post makes the slightest bit of sense. All I know is that this morning I loaded up the news both mainstream and fringe and saw nothing but multiple dueling walls of hate.

      Maybe the powers that be have decided that a world war is the only way to stimulate the economy. Maybe it's that simple and that amoral.

    2. A revealing glimpse into the dense wad of cerebral atrophy that is the average American psyche: right now, the masses are freaking out over which limbs can and cannot be flexed during recitals of the Magical Flag Song. The issue is so hot, people are taking it as such an egregious breach of normality, it is literally ending friendships and breaking families apart.

      Concerning the issue of the "Kingsman" film... basically every right-wing gun-slingin' troop-salutin' flag-fetishists I know thinks the movie "Platoon" was "awesome."

      It's been 20 years since "Starship Troopers" came out. Maybe 3 or 4 of us were able to grasp the subtext. As if it were, like, subtle, or something.

      We are utterly lost without laugh tracks and exposition. That's why the world is ruled from here.

    3. Mr. Knowles speculated long ago that there might be some kind of agenda to break up the USA into smaller more manageable fragments. Maybe that's what happening here. The whole thing (and I mean the whole thing including the alt-right and the wacko SJW left) seems designed to maximize social division and to fracture the body politic along the most divisive lines possible.

    4. You people make me laugh. This shit is fucking nothing. FUCKING nothing. The 90's were a fluke. A peace fluke. Have you even read about the great depression, Weimar germany? There were communists and nazis killing each other in the streets every day. Maybe the idea of communism doesnt seem that bad when you are waiting in a bread line. People were thinking capitalism itself was ending. Here are the new ideologies! The world has always been chaotic.
      In the present tense everything happening now all leads back to bush crashing the economy and obama bailing those crooks out. That is why the center is crumbling. The proles are mad. Very mad. Millennials are going backwards economically. They will be poorer than the past generation. You only need see every clickbait article asking why millennials dont buy blood diamonds anymore or why they still live with their parents written by a boomer or yuppie scum.
      And guess what. Its going to get worse. Automation is coming, AI is coming. The masses have been drained of class consciousness. The likes of all of ya'll wonder why things are like this. People fight culture wars over statues and flags. No one ever wants to unite and overthrow the bourgeoisie anymore. Its like capitalism has successfully blinded people to their own exploitation.

      From the far rights point of view why should they unite with an america that seeks to "replace" them with non whites. An america that outsources their jobs, mocks them culturally, and has been forcing a hyper liberal identity politics on them that destroys their traditions.

      From the far left point of view why should they unite with a racist, homophobic, sexist, etc, and why should they support an imperialist liberal capitalism that has sought to promote a hyper divisive identity politics that replaced class politics and seeks the continued status quo of the exploitation of the worker.

      What do the bourgeoisie need as a distraction? An outside enemy, a war, but we are already at war....we were always at war. Maybe we need the big war....the one that completes the trilogy.

    5. Pop-cult is bad for you when wypipo do but not when:

      "...while the apolitcal Swift has mostly remained silent during this turbulent summer, allowing the music to promote itself, Cardi has been front and centre, calling out the NFL for not hiring quarterback Colin Kaepernick and lashing out at 'Carrot Face' Trump for ignoring the devastation in Puerto Rico (born Belcalis Almanza, Cardi is Afro-Latina and recorded a Spanish version of 'Bodak Yellow'."

      The above article is illustrated by Cardi appropriating the blonde look, in this specific instance a Bobbed Blonde, & includes the video for 'Bodak Yellow', the screengrab of which features the anarchy symbol looking more like Starfleet's than I've ever noticed before.

      Are not the great mass of supposed uncivilised folk, doing all the dirty work keeping the hermetically sealed civilised world in shape, who only want to 'live & work' in the west the actual spearhead & shaft of globalism? Is not the very enriching, diversifying contribution they selflessly wish to make a globalist fantasy they're complicit in being brainwashed as their own as much a lie as that which the supposed priviliged are inculcated with so as to self-emasculate & abort? Whatever, the hate continues reaching for the stars & humanity is the loser, no one is going to win from the continued so-called devloping of humanity & our home Earth.

    6. @Anonymous

      Maybe the bong hits are just another symptom of the problem. The Onion actually manages to be funny and relevant for once:

      "Beat a hooker! Light some fires! Just please, please, please don't do anything that evinces pride in your people and their accomplishments. But only if you're white. If you're not white, we're sure going to show whitey once he's the minority, let's see how he likes it!"

    7. Left is right, right is wrong. 87

    8. @ Dennis

      Sad that a man with a Yin/Yang symbol (the symbol of the transcendence of dualism) as his avatar would subscribe to such a coarse and obvious dualism.

      The great Eastern Religions of Buddhism, Daosim, and Hinduism are all quite conservative.

      They all subscribe to a cyclic model and they all agree we are in the age of Degeneration and darkness which is the result of the LOSS of TRADITION.

      You will not find the concept of "Progress" anywhere outside of secular western Marxist culture.

    9. Regarding that onion piece, the thing, one of the things, is 'whites', 'caucasians', 'europeans' - all pejorative terms, are already a minority here on Earth, by quite some factor when compared to other so-called 'minorities' individually (& as a collective group.)

      One of the big lies of trek is that some 'white man' will be captaining a starship two hundred years from now, & this will remain a deception unless the inculcated guilt-emasculation is reversed & Folk are left to be themselves without having their 'potential' 'enriched' in the supposed interests of human survival no less.

      1965, a year before trek's premiere on the box, is the year of the Hart–Celler Immigration and Nationality Act in the USA. So whilst the by-and-large white audience of the show were reassured that despite venturing into an alien realm beyond Earth, 'the final frontier' apparently, the white race, embodied by Kirk (played by Shatner, all four of whose grandparents were Jewish, & who was raised accordingly), would still be in command of the starring microcosm & the home planet macrocosm.

      A clue as to what trek's about can be gleaned from Spock's funeral, or as it turns out not actual funeral, from 'Wrath of Khan' as his coffin - the torpedo tube that serves as his Genesis-bound vessel, is draped in the flag of the united federation of planets, which not at all by mistake resembles the un flag, but this particular ufp flag doesn't have any laurel-esque leafy detail around the stylised map of federation space, as all other renderings do(?), it has something resembling a vice-like mandible-maw bordering the grid of the ufp.

      Then Kirk says:

      "Of all the soul's I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... human."

      (an alien (a half-human - a hybrid)... is the most human says Kirk!)

      Then Scotty, being Scottish don'tcha know, plays 'Amazing Grace' on the bagpipes he happens to have on board, & being a true-borne Scot he knows how to play 'em! (& he likes a wee dram now and again... you know... being Scottish an' all.)

    10. I don't know what I can add to this thread here except to point out that we're now seeing the roll-out of all those plans meticulously laid out in all those books no one reads, dating back to The New Atlantis. And increasingly the Western industrialized world is looking more and more like that under-rated 90s TV movie of Brave New World. Exactly like it, actually.

      As to the future- well, if things proceed as they seem to be the USS Enterprise of the 23rd Century will be captained by someone who no one living on the Earth today would recognize as human. In fact we may be looking at not only a mutation from homo sapiens sapiens but an entirely new species all together.

      Everything we are seeing now is a byproduct of plans and technologies that have been in development for the last 100 years (at the very least) going live. Everything we think we know today- including or national or ethnic identity- is actually a vestige of a dying industrial paradigm. TPTB have been operating under a new paradigm for 20 years or so.

      What we're seeing now with the identity wars is a manufactured dialectic. It's a top-down phenomenon. But it's probably going to go on for some time until the desired synthesis is reached.

      Or until the whole thing just collapses in on itself and we're all reduced to barbarism. I'm giving it 50/50 odds.

      But in the meantime let me just say that lapsing into identitarianism over a TV show is exactly the desired effect. It's why the producers of this travesty are running around dropping hints that these new Klingons are Trumpsters or alt.righters or whatever. They are most certainly not and by responding the way they expect certain demographics to respond they get air cover for their raging militarism and imperialism.

      Take out the technology and this new Trek looks and sounds exactly like some old movie about about a native rebellion in a remote colonial outpost.

      Think very long and hard about that.

    11. Moses here, damned login isn't working.

      > And increasingly the Western industrialized world is looking more and more like that under-rated 90s TV movie of Brave New World. Exactly like it, actually.

      A movie that featured Leonard Nimoy as the guy in charge of it all, bringing the Trek references full circle.

    12. "...this new Trek looks and sounds exactly like some old movie about about a native rebellion in a remote colonial outpost."

      -The first thing that came to my mind was the old "Shaka Zulu" miniseries.

      Worth noting:

      Buffalo Bill Cody, who essentially crafted the epic narrative of "How the West was Won," was a 32 degree Mason, Temple of the Scottish Rite.

      The Klingons of 2017 are:
      We who get fined for collecting rainwater.
      We who turn our front lawns into gardens.
      We who build and live in off-grid tiny houses.
      We who belong to co-ops and collectives.
      We who do not charge for healing.
      We who need no bosses, soldiers, or cops.
      We who prohibit Prohibition.
      We who will not be micro-chipped.

      We who dare to sell homemade bread at the farmer's market without the proper license.

    13. The Kazon were the supposed feral pack of blacks acting as contrast to the pure embodied ((slightly off)-white) ideal(/hull) of Voyager, but those ultimately giving the green light to STV, STTOS, STTNG, STDS9, STD & all the rest of the pop-cult, that is going all guns blazing to promote the wonders of multiculturalism (ersatz or otherwise), & it's always wonders, to those privileged to have the time to sit & watch a rectangle, are the same TPTB that give the go-ahead for the lands of these privileged to have their 'potential' 'enriched' by migratory wave after wave of their others, & they are told that not allowing this to happen will mean humanity is doomed (meaning a 'starfleet' will never come into existence & we'll never get to explore outer space 'as one'.)

      This game of spooking via the other, whilst playing those spooked with a comforting display of shiny advancement for the(ir) (s)elect, is present throughout ST going all the way back to TOS, the Klingons of which were originally a metaphor for the Russians & now they're supposedly so-called minority ethnics - specifically blacks (or whoever, it all depends on your politics.)

      Whatever the time & whatever the socio-political commentary, how starfleet, & the federation, (have come to be depicted) could ever appeal to the apparent privileged ones basking in the warm & fuzzy glow of this glimpse of their future is so far beyond my final frontier as to be an absurdity.

      Has the future, as seen in STV (& TNG / DS9) ever looked so anonymous & uninviting? Even the glimpses of the promised (home)land we're shown from time-to-time are devoid of any joie de vivre, the clothing, the furnishings, the odd bit of art on display here and there all so dull & uniform - everywhere resembles a lowly crewman's quarters & even the garden grounds of starfleet academy look like they were landscaped by something attempting to pass itself off as human but lacking human soul (Species 8472?)

      So what if Harry Kim plays a clarinet or Beverly Crusher tap dances from time-to-time, this vision of supposed New Eden is so utterly deracinated as to be devoid of any identity (other than its innate non-descriptness - a true no-place) & how it could in anyway act as lure or rallying mythos for those who aren't Kazon/Klingon etc is beyond me as it is a vision of atrophying & asphyxiating purgatory.

      (Kirk cosplays as a NAZI in 'Patterns of Force*', he does so so well that Spock tells him 'You should make a very convincing Nazi.' 'Memory Alpha' states that: 'Patterns of Force was a book owned by Captain Philippa Georgiou... In 2256, this book was stored on a bookshelf in the USS Shenzhou's ready room.')

  5. Nail on the head. It was so sad and ugly in a time that needed hope and aspiration.

    1. Surely hope & aspiration is conveyed & nurtured by 'The Orville'?

    2. I'm looking to The Orville to take the piss out of the STD thing. It seems like ripe fruit for the plucking.

    3. Helmed by seth macfarlane though what low hanging fruit will be plucked?

    4. I've been telling people that The Orville is closer to the spirit of Star Trek than this STD. At least The Orville has the benefit of being less politically correct, which is very much needed right now. There's a time when being PC should count and a time when it shouldn't.

    5. Less politically correct? The most recent episode, titled 'About a Girl' (a Kurt Cobain(/nirvana) reference?), & directed by Brannon Braga, is about two crewmembers, both males of a 'single gender species' (one of whom had been born female but was surgically altered so as to pass as male), become parents to their daughter (females being a rarity among their people), & their 'desire to have her undergo gender reassignment surgery' = 'the allegorical conflict' so beloved by pop-cult showrunners, programme makers & studio financiers, 'avclub' calls it 'the best episode yet.'

      Or is this telling of a tale disapproving of stuff like 'gender reassignment surgery', it is aliens practicing such on board the orville & these 'Moclans' are both played by Afro-American men.

      Ratings-wise it doesn't look long for this Earth, despite macfarlane stating: “I've wanted to do something like this show ever since I was a kid, and the timing finally feels right... I think this is gonna be something special.”

      (Charlize Theron will be starring as 'Pria Lavesque', the fifth episode, titled 'Pria', directed by Jonathan Frakes.)

  6. Good grief. The Klingons can barely be called "humanoid" at this point. And of course, dehumanizing the "Other" for a new generation of brain-warped sportsfans is the prime directive here. I won't hold my breath waiting for TV critics to deduce what that "Other" represents, though; obviously, only a nation of demonic Space Orcs would have the gall to repudiate a Federation so lovely and progressive, it allows ethnically diverse women with men's names to enforce its imperial pretensions upon the stars.

    1. Exactly. This is sheer propaganda for the new world paradigm. And the Klingons are blatant stand-ins for the people that TPTB are really worried about. Meaning "Not Trumpites."

  7. I'm rather fond of the notion, re Masonry, that there are, as MF/DL went to pains over to show, that there are good and bad uses of any sect, code, or creed, Masonry in this case. Chris, how do you 'parse it' - or is this more about the effect of the ... war pathos on the zeitgeist?

    1. It depends on what you're referring to. LARP Masonry- meaning the guys down the the local lodge- is pretty inert IMO. Your more exotic LARP Masons, the OTO and so on, can get kind of odd but have no real power for the most part. OTOH the Masonic system, which you see in the senior societies and Wall Street fraternities and up and down the line, that's a different story.

  8. There is just an endless of flood of TV shows lately glorifying cops, the military, special forces (basically military assassin squads). I've been off TV since the 90s but the most cursory glance at the promo spots during things like football games gives some indication of the ultra-violent fare. Trek always had some of this in its DNA, but there were a lot of mitigating factors.

    1. Yeah. I've written about this quite a bit. All our heroes are embedded in the system. Because it's almost impossible these days to operate outside it.


  10. I am not sure I have the heart watch this mutation of something I care about so much. I really aught not use the present tense there. What I cared about is largely a fading memory at this point.

    Star Trek was never perfect. Commenters here have amply pointed to some of its longstanding flaws. I'll add that it was never in practice the paragon of the egalitarianism that it is remembered for. The executives were always in charge, but there was a vision, thought and substance there that frankly you could not find anywhere else on television, or in the wider culture. That was a signal I picked up as a small child watching TNG on a rabbit-ear TV set. I suspect it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    It does provide me with some moments of joy seeing The Orville jumping around in TNGs old cloths, but at least so far it is just an echo, no teeth of its own. All I can hope is that that voice and that signal I loved are born anew in something different that can live in this time.

    1. This televisually conveyed 'vision, thought and substance' were conjured out t'ether by the very executive types, & those paying their development bills, who consider the great mass of us to be subhuman filth - not even human, whereas they, those deciding what gets beamed out the one-eyed-monster (back in the halcyon boomer days as much as now), believe they are the very humanity embodied & reified by the sensibility of a moving Picard appeal to commonsense (delivered in Shakespearean intonation by the ac-tor.)

    2. Let's remember how Star Trek started. It was started by a cop who was the right hand man for one of the most blatantly fascist political figures this country ever produced. It grew out of a SF series written by a military intelligence officer whose father was one of the most powerful military men of the 20th Century. Trek was born when JFK was killed and that SF producer was seen as having wandered off the reservation. He was teamed up with the cop and took the cop's napkin sketch of a pitch and made a workable series out of it. This wasn't created by a bunch of hippie freaks in a garage with a laptop and a Ritalin prescription.

      I love Trek as entertainment but I am fully aware it is propaganda. My favorite Trek is the one that the studio didn't care about and allowed the producers to do whatever they wanted. And the series was lucky enough to have a lot of very smart writers who wanted to take the piss out of Trek orthodoxy.

  11. thank you chris for sharing your thoughts.
    downright scary is the depth of the hellhole usa is falling through. fast.
    prelude to bombing "the rocket man" and the obvious mass celebrations to follow perhaps?

    1. Well, those first two episodes certainly presented the idea that war is justified when your enemy is unpleasant. I'm just shocked by how closely it adhered to blatantly imperialist- if not doctrinaire fascist- tropes beneath all the multiculti window-dressing.

  12. Yeah, everything is darkening, darkening, dark. All life is nigredo right now. It's ugly and brutal and people are tweaking the fuck out from all the co-intel pro, and just the sheer pressure of trying to think and function in 2017. It does feel like a pre-crime / thought-crime world now. Let's pray that something beautiful and alchemical comes out of all this batshit insanity. Personally I think I'll skip this incarnation of Star Trek after reading this post. I'm gonna go watch some old love stories or something instead. Back when people actually had warmth and affection for one another. Lol. I'm laughing but I'm kinda crying also. Thanks as always for your insights, Chris.

    1. I appreciate it always, Raj. And I recommend you and everyone else go back and watch Deep Space Nine for an antidote to STD. Like I said, STD uses multiculturalism as air cover for bare-knuckled militarism. I need to do some research because I am certain the whole storyline was lifted from some old British movie about a rebellion in one of the colonies. I mean, that is literally how imperialist this thing is. And if they didn't manufacture controversy over the casting people would up in arms by how shockingly racist this redesign of the Klingons is. And of course they're going to give themselves more air cover by making the new leader an albino. I feel like Nada after he found the glasses here.

      Conversely, Deep Space Nine has a lot of corny TV Trek stuff going on but it's a well-intentioned and relatively reality-based narrative of people with competing interests and identities trying to get through the day.

  13. the messages pushed in mass media are there for a reason. Im sure, without even looking it up the CIA or maybe some other group pushes certain ideas. The sometimes obvious ones are things like worship of the military or patriotism. Sort of meat an potatoes type of brainwashing. I always wonder what are some of the more deeper psyops going on in these things. I read an article that the klingons were supposed to represent the alt right....maybe the writers were just trying to get headlines. Im not totally against diversity in star trek. Star trek has always been diverse and filled with liberal nonsense but the pandering seems too obvious and on the nose with this incarnation. I have no interest in watching this because it just looks bland and grim dark. Not for any political reason. What im thinking is the Klingon are the alt right, white nationalists. An the starfleet are supposed to represent the "good" civic nationalists who invade countries and over throw democratically elected leaders in "humanitarian" wars. That managerial professional class of elitists the democrats love and embody so much.

    Liberals love mary sues, they get mad when you say the word mary sue, but the male equivalent is called a gary stu. I think they have no interest in telling a good story, its about their political agenda. But the criticism, Its not about gender. Perfection doesnt make for a good story, characters should have flaws, because flaws lead to tragedy and tragedy leads to change. Thats a character arc.

    Im completely out of touch with pop culture to tell you the truth. I have no idea what is going on on tv. Im stuck to the net 24/7 instead. I havent watched tv in about 10 years. I mostly read books, listen to music, i like to learn how to make things occasionally. I think thats important. It feels good to accomplish something instead of consuming something. Im rarely effected by any messages the media complex is pushing now.
    Sometimes i will just completely avoid all news, i think this is good, i avoid pop culture. I Just need that decompression were it isnt some fascist or commie trying to shove their shit into my face. Like, i just want to read about aliens and smoke and forget the worlds on fire. Reading seems to be the only escape, tv, movies, video games, its all been compromised. Maybe i could watch some older movies. Yeah, i know its wrong. But the world is on fire and 99% of entertainment these days seems hyper political and not entertaining.

    1. I've yet to watch it, but after Chris' blog post here I can't resist. Just from what I have seen and think I know I have a feeling you're right about who the Klingon's represent. Like it or not the powers behind the scenes see any nationalistic movement as the supreme threat to their global, homogenized NWO. Half of this stuff anymore I wouldn't even classify as entertainment as it is so overtly propagandistic.

    2. I'm like you.

      I think if you want to participate (by that I mean view...give up time for) in popular culture these days you need to simply understand that it's propaganda and manipulation. Seriously, I don't get the outrage. Does anyone think popular entertainment in the past decade has been authentic and real? Give me a break. They're ruining Star Trek?? What a shock! Hardly - they want to ruin everything - debase all.

      It's all energy. You participate, you give them your energy one way or another. I simply can't watch or consume anything recent because it feels toxic. It's all off - you may not see the subliminal stuff but your inner self (listen!) knows it's there.

    3. I think it's impossible to completely separate art from politics but there's different degrees of political text and subtext and drastically divergent intentions, from increasing empathy and critical thinking to the direct opposite (which happens to be one of the major differences between the original Star Trek and Discovery).
      The message of the new Star Trek is most clearly expressed through its "good guys" and "bad guys", reflecting current government/corporate media narratives. The "heroes" are superficially diverse and individualistic while actually Borg-like in their obedience to the technocratic and militaristic Federation. The new depiction of Klingons is particularly telling because now they're even more "black" in appearance, perhaps playing on liberals' subconscious racism in opposition to the lighter-skinned black actress who plays Michael. Interestingly, the new depiction of Klingon culture seems to play on the worst aspects of alt-right and Muslim stereotypes such as fundamentalism, superstition, protectionism, racism and also militarism.
      One would be hard-pressed to construct a more effective piece of social engineering propaganda.

    4. ....and then there's the white Klingon. Lol. Son of no one.

      Oh boy....

    5. I'm avoiding pop culture more and more these days. I don't know if its age or the technical frequency manipulation that's embedded into nearly everything but it just repels me. As does the fact that everything has been sublimated to the overarching agenda.

      But this STD thing I feel I need to watch because it's actually weaponized predictive programming, as opposed to the more benign variety of past series. That Masonic Starfleet uniform- sheesh. It's actually breathtaking the more and more you consider it.

      I almost feel like this is all saying to the world is that your individual and tribal identity are over. You will die in a fire unless you put on the blue and gold.

    6. Agreed. It's fun to watch WPP (Weaponized Predictive Programming) to see what they are doing with this STD.
      That said, occasionally something really great comes along in entertainment, have you seen the movie "Bone Tomahawk"? It gives me faith that great writing and innovative filmmaking aren't dead.

  14. The promo poster gives a huge hint as to who is behind it. You've got the all seeing eye large and upfront, surrounded by a triangle, albeit a inverted one but same message.

    1. Oh, yeah. That's what my Picture Parade was all about.

    2. How can we keep seeing the same crap and BARE IT? i'm so bored and feeling like I might have super powers compared to this crap.......tell me you're not really feckin bored with this stuff?

  15. Chris - I liked your word play on the IBIC. Nice.

    I have always suspected that the Federation had some militaristic leanings, but with your review of the new Star Trek, it appears we are now pretty far away from that touchy-feely world of Roddenberry's and into more of that alternative universe where Spock has a goatee and the Enterprise takes hostages on treaty missions. I guess we should expect shuttle crafts full of red shirts with this new series.

    1. Excellent analogy, Bill. Maybe they'll come out and reveal this was a Mirror Universe timeline. I actually kind of hope so.

    2. There's been talk by the showrunners that STD is a prequel to STTOS, then they've said it isn't, then they've said STD is going to be ST told in ways it hasn't been told before, that it will be an anthology, 'a 'universe of trek shows', & other series following this will have completely different storylines, so perhaps STD is an alt-trek.

      & there's the talk of 'Wrath of Khan' director Nicholas Meyer working on a competing series, WoK being the most militarily styled of the original series films, if so the war drum looks to beat on no matter what.

  16. The layers of symbolism in this episode were worth the watch. And, opposite of Raj, had it not been for your post I wouldn't have watched it in the first place.
    Chris, you sold me on the idea that Star Trek is essentially the occult in disguise, which is probably the strongest argument for why the Kelvin timeline films came up short. In the case of the discovery, all I can say is, “whelp, they tried.”
    Its biggest sin, outside of all of its pysop trappings, was the writer’s decision to give the finger to ‘in medias res’. Of course, DS9 and VOY were guilty of this as well, yet they premiered while TNG was still on the air. (I think? Maybe voyager was post All Good Things… still, that trek overload is the most looked to reason for the death sentence Trek got during the Berman era.)
    But it’s been twenty years since a trek series, serialized story telling has gone through some paradigm shifts, so I suspect the odd in medias res sidestep has to do with a particular type of fan service. Specifically, the diversity thing. I’ve got a hunch it was only ever just a nod. You know the same way series used to have one big raunchy sex scene in the premier to get you hooked?
    Perhaps pulling a ghost busters 2016 social media strategy was just that? Which, I’ll take your thought one step further, if diversity and equality means we’re to militarize woman, and that’s their having ‘arrived’, what in gods name are they implying men are? Well, sociopathic genocidal maniacs apparently. Congrats ladies, you’ve finally broken the glass ceiling of being able to claim the worst masculine stereotype as your own. Cheers.
    As for the Klingons, that was a wild ride, and I definitely found myself rooting for them since the concept of the Federation has been so viciously hijacked.
    They played with canon in exactly the right way though. We need to have a long talk about the sarcophagus ship. At first glance I mistook it for a ship design we don't see in the show anywhere, but in old Activision Star Trek games called the Imperium class that was a later era Romulan Ship, it's on memory beta for anyone who wants to take a gander at it's similarities.
    So, yeah the Imperium class looks like a bird, the sarcophagus class is bird like, predator, which harmonizes the mythological origins of the angelic with the luciferian overtones. Which they blended into Al-Andalusian style Islamic architecture, with a group of racial purists who rant about individuality (while all dressing the same), bloodlines, utilize Egyptian funeral rituals to perform a sort of necromancy to who look like literal demons. The amount of money they spent on those sets of the 'sacred' ship is almost enough to disguise just how ham-fisted their symbolism is.
    I’m a little sad at how lazy it is to just take all the giant tape ball of accumulated twitter/facebook rage and congeal it into an enemy to suggest some lame Manichean good verses evil bullshit into a fictional universe where that dialetic is usually broken by the peace makers. John the Light built his bridges with these ‘Klingon Devils’ to quote Mr. Scott. Othering the others into a rarified force majeure that’s going to get the actual others squinted at (in the least) in real life.
    That seemed to be the war the writers were trying to stage. I quickly lost sympathy for either side of the argument and found myself meditating on PKD after watching that blood bath of a second episode. Nifty Michael’s an anti-hero though, that’s kinda interesting.
    My even blander, TV review take on this is: All in all it was a rather watchable Star Trek, no one made me Bakula cringe. So, it automatically scored points in that regard. Also, sound design, they picked the perfect klaxons for everything. The alert sound on the Klingon ship was directly lifted from previous trek incarnations. Lots of good subtlety about those details.

    1. If you want a sci-fi show set up for cancellation cast Bakula.

      As for winged things Wesley was known as 'The Great Bird of The Galaxy', what that may make this sarcophagus ship ?

      No doubt those behind this reimaginedbooting are 'huge fans of the original series' though, as all re-ers of whatever state.

    2. You're talking to someone who worked in advertising and packaging so I don't see any reason at all to think that so much of what we're seeing today- and is feeding into STD- isn't scripted and market-tested.

      I'm just stunned it's so blatantly weaponized here. I know everyone thinks Report From Iron Mountain is a satire, but the President of the United States at the time didn't think so. Go read it and ask yourself whether it's a satire or not.

  17. For those who want to blame their misery on people of color, ask yourself who has the real power over you? Who do you have power over? We aren't here for hate.

  18. Replies
    1. Actually my only hope is that it is actually deeply ironic and over the next few episodes the Federation are going to get whipped for their arrogance... somehow I doubt this though.

    2. Well, it could surprise us. But the trailers for upcoming episodes don't dissuade me.

  19. Alt-right take (comments):

    1. Can you capsulize? Did anyone veer offscript?

  20. Although I have cable, I never watch tv. (My son must have 24/7 access to ESPN) I'm always on the internet. There are so many exciting things to learn about why would one feel the need to watch television. Especially Star Trick or Trek or whatever it's called. I hate that show.

    1. We cut the cord here. The other thing about the BNW TV feed these days is how stultifyingly boring is all is.

  21. Just wondered whether ya knew of this cool fellow:

  22. Just thinkin of your kinda FibroMyalgia,,,,,,this guy who just died was a font of info:

  23. So.....wot do we do? Please tell me that there is more than an Intellectual solution.....Give us a break, Look after yer pets and find a solution. Tell ya later, when I can give you more help. Much love.

    1. I don't know, Flossy. I'm hoping we all figure something out.

    2. That reminds me, did Malic Acid help?

      I've taken 600-800mg. of Magnesium Citrate before bed every night as well for the last 15 or so years and couldn't live without it. I miss a dose I feel lethargic and down the next day.
      I hear Malic Acid plus Mag Citrate at night can do wonders for Fibro.



  25. Another excellent piece, Chris.
    I haven't watched tv since like the early 90s, but I do enjoy reading your thoughts on what's happening in that world.
    It seems there is nothing that has not been weaponized, Star Trek is no exception.
    Just like the democrats use identity politics to hide the fact that they are simply the other wing of the perpetual war party “STD uses multiculturalism as air cover for bare-knuckled militarism.” So, no surprises there. What I call “pig worship” (glorification of police and military) is rampant all over the MSM, and especially tv. This is simply another variation on a very tired theme.
    Also STD, just saying.

    1. You get that feeling, Juan. It's like when my daughter leaves the pop station on my car radio and my ears are just assaulted with this chewing on tin foil barrage of EQ and compressor modulation packed on top of this ProTools simulacrum of music. Even the voices have been processed to death. I was always a fan of all these wacky stompboxes back in the day but once you got into the rackmount era everything just sounded fake and annoying. Same goes with the whole DX7/MIDI era. It took all the fractality out of sound processing and all the warmth and humanity. That's really how STD leaves me feeling. We watched it in HD and it was like seeing everything encased in lucite.

    2. I hear ya, man. I cannot stand most of garbage that passes for music these days. The Autotune is the absolute worst. Makes me wanna drop kick a bag of kittens. It is, as you suggest, another symptom of this diseased monoculture.
      "You kids . . ." 😬

    3. The TNG episode 'Lessons' shows Picard turning his back on love (& the possibility of personally continuining his line) with a stellar cartographer - a stargazer* no less! who he is emotionally intimate with in ways never before seen in the show, what a future to invest oneself in so totally - a no-future, & to emphasise this horror 'Lessons' is a follow-up of sorts to 'The Inner Light' (one of the most popular ST episodes ever) just to rub salt into the wound.

      (*Of his first command, in the episode 'Relics', Picard has this to say to Scotty over a glass or two of Aldebaran Whiskey (the downing of which by Picard endears him to the former Chief Engineer) that he would 'give almost anything to command the stargazer again', oddly(?) when Scotty responds by saying 'It's like the first time you fall in love, you don't ever love a woman quite like that again' Picard is unresponsive.

  26. You know, Chris, this is your blog and you ultimately can choose to post and delete as you fancy. You can cut an entire worldview out of the debate and keep it from expressing itself due to it being quite impolitic by the standards of today. But one thing I can tell you is the diabolists brewing the potion are counting on just that, on people giving into their offended sensibilities and gatekeeping genuine dissent from the status quo, guaranteeing the alienation of those whose voices and opinions are not allowed to be heard. I'm a long-time commenter here and I've tried to be very diplomatic in my heresy. The racial issue isn't going to go away just because it violates every taboo ingrained into upper middle class white liberals who already have theirs Jack. Arguments that can't be hashed with words will be hashed with artillery, and that day draws ever nearer, I am quite sure. Ultimately, I think we're all going to have to down a whole goblet of poison and share and share alike. The only boon we've been offered is we get to pick our poison, and I choose the poison that's most likely to make it possible for me to marry a white woman like me, and have white kids like me.

    1. You wanna marry a white woman like you. That's very progressive. I commend you.

  27. Choosing to respond to the bigotry of SJWs and the like by being a bigot yourself isn't doing anything but playing the scapegoat role written for you. It's exactly what is expected of you. Because it disqualifies you.

    We're talking here about a TV show that uses political correct pandering as cover for a shockingly militaristic message, as well as a show that seems to have modeled the new Klingons on grotesque racist cartoons from 50s Klan fliers. But you can't point any of that out- or what liars, sociopaths, and flaming hypocrites the extreme leftist hatefreaks really are- because you've disqualified yourself with all this Hitler nonsense. You can't point out the fact that they've actually digitally lightened Shonequa Martin-Green's skintone or the fact that it's very strongly implied that her character is only worthy for Starfleet because she was raised by Vulcans.

    By jumping to this kind of reasoning straight off the bat you've shown that A. you're not really interested in what I actually wrote and B., you're a one-note commenter. Listen, what is going on is that there is a major campaign to divide everyone and shred the social fabric. There are no two ways about it. Reacting to it without stopping a minute to analyze what is really going on doesn't help you and doesn't help anyone else. It just makes everyone angry and afraid. I think extreme left hatefreaks should be fed to sharks but I'm not going to give in to paranoia or bigotry because someone in some think tank expects me to. The response to being called a racist because you're white is "fuck you, you're a racist." not "fuck you, I'm a racist." If you really want to piss those people off start building bridges with other people and share information and data. You might find you have a lot in common with people who don't look like you.

    And correct me if I'm wrong but I never told you who you can or can't marry or have children with. I'm always surprised by how many white nationalist types are childless.

    1. Well said. It is understandable though how after years of being non-stop accused of being something (a racist) a person will just throw up their hands and say "ok, fuck it, I'm a racist you say, let me show you a racist". I totally understand that. However, you are correct in surmising that that is exactly what they are going for, the fomenting of violence or chaos through that exact mechanism. These evil bastards are highly intelligent and most definitely playing the LONG game. I personally think PC was a stroke of utter genius with it's built in veneer of righteousness and automatic defense mechanisms (for example immediately looking like a bigot for even daring to debate certain topics). This highly intricate plan so effective at society upending could have only come from the mind of multi-dimensional, evil to the core, fallen beings. At least that's what I think.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You're right, Christian. People need to stop and think about what is really going on. This isn't the 30s, it's not the 60s, it's not the 90s. We are deep, deep, deep into the rabbit hole now. Plans that have been in motion long before your great-grandparents were born are coming to fruition. We're now into the Chao that is meant to lead to the Ordo. I mean, they say exactly this in the very first line of the STD trailer. Now is not the time to entertain 1917 fantasies (like Antifa) or 1933 fantasies (like, uh, Pro-Fa) because those worlds don't exist anymore. There's no reclaiming them. We're dealing with something we've never dealt with before and I don't think you're far off in surmising where this is all coming from. I've been trying to tell people for the past 10 years that the symbolism we see out there isn't being shoved down our throats for giggles and grins. It means something. The people putting it all out there believe in it. They are fundamentalist about this religion in ways we haven't a context for. No one spends billions of dollars encoding all this symbolism into media, events, or architecture because they're trying to pull a fast one on us. This is serious as a heart attack. There has been a very, very, VERY long game at work and normal human beings - particularly your alpha male types- simply don't think in those spans of time. The great advantage this plan has is that people not only don't think like that, they can't imagine anyone else doing so either. Normal human skepticism is actually our undoing. What's the answer to it all? I don't know, but no one even seems to asking the right question.

    4. Dammerung really does seem like an onbnuxiouse poltard screaming about DA JUICEEEEEE. Im pretty rightwing myself on some stuff, but i know chris doesnt seem like that, also i value his occult knowledge and writings about such things and their intersecting with modern society and culture. Actually i value knowledge above all. I read marx and evola. I read communist and fascist and anarchist literature, i read spiritual literature. I read the bible, the quran, the bhagavad gita and the Upanishads. Basically i like anything that is not the mainstream, anti consumerist, anti capitalist. Something that is more than being an interchangeable cog in a globalist machine that spends its meager wage on fidget spinners. I guess im more of a commie nazi. Like i say i want to escape politics, but its unescapbale, you have some idiot with an anime avatar spamming secretsun comment section about the immorality of society. I saw this great tweet once, if dammerung or guys like him really do believe in "white genocide", then they have no right to whine about it unless they have kids. But i guess most of them are anime watching neets who have never been fucked.
      Pol types are small minded about things, as if there havent been trannies (i believe chris has made mention of various ancient cults were the requirement to join was to cut your balls off) since the dawn of time. As if jews are the only ethnic group ruling over people.

      Yeah dammerung, you did lose, the left won the culture war. They lost the economic war though.
      And so today what do we have, we have capitalism with a nice face. We have CEO's that love diversity but use third world Chinese sweat shops. We have propaganda were we must all be part of a multicultural force that unifies to fight for american imperialism.

      By the way chris are you going to see the new blade runner, its getting good buzz......

    5. @Kim

      You can't really shame men like Dammerung for not having kids when he stated that he WANTS to have kids.

      The whole NatSoc movement is a bargaining play by white men to get more white wives, mothers, and children.

      Maybe if white women showed more love, support, and loyalty to white guys we could call off the whole Nazi thing altogether.

      But that won't happen. Just more blaming and shaming the evil "White Male" until they burn the world to the ground in frustration.

  28. If the 25cm of wood and the masturbation machines and the Holocoaster aren't true, then here is what our grandfathers fought, killed, and died for.

    The right to put 4 year olds on hormone blockers and turn them into trannies.

    The right for every Afghan, Somali, and Eritrean who can make it to our shores to stick their hands out and get free everything.

    The right for police to break down our doors and arrest us for "illegal right-wing opinions."

    The right to market disturbing violent pornography to children.

    Every morning I turn on the television I don't see a war that was won - I see a war that was lost.

    1. capitalism is the problem, but only 1% of right wingers reach that final level were they realize the truth that capitalism is behind the destruction of traditions, families, cultures, nations. Capitalism is the one importing immigrants, not jews.. Capitalism. Capitalism wants a source of cheap slave labor to lower wages. Capitalism is the reason you are a socially atomized nihilist who believes in nothing besides consuming. Capitalism is the one who destroys nature for profit. Capitalism is egalitarian and wants to absorb minorities into its machine to become consumers too. More female CEO's, more black executives, more tranny bathrooms, more diversity.

      By the way, Hitler loved Islam, Donald trumps daughter is married to a jew, and its very funny that you are concerned about trannies using a cute anime girl avatar.

    2. I agree that capitalism is a problem. That's why NatSoc is Third Position - human beings matter more than maximum economic efficiency.

      I don't have too much to say about Drumpfh not my president. I'm not concerned about the "immorality" of trannies, I'm more concerned with people who huck their own genome into the garbage, or even worse, mutilate their young children before they even know how to speak for themselves.

    3. Who gives a shit, You are just bad as the social justice warrior fuckers. Dont tell other people how to raise their kids.
      Do you have kids?
      Yeah, shut the fuck up.

    4. OK, I let this brushfire burn here but I really don't want this kind of discussion on the blog. It really depresses me that the flagrant provocations of the prefabricated, entirely controlled left have driven people to the extreme right because that is exactly what the intention was. If you want to see what genocide really looks like look at Syria or Iraq or the Congo. What we are looking at in the West is EMPIRE and the desire to endlessly expand it. Empire is always a bitch for the folks back home and the migrations we're seeing are largely the result of Empire either bombing the shit out of developing countries, flooding them with drugs and gangs and weapons or strangling them economically. Political Correctness is THE VOICE OF EMPIRE bashing down the working class who might object to bearing the brunt of the War Machine's pressure valve release. SJWs are all mental, moral and physical cripples who do exactly what they are programmed to but most of them are white and nearly all of them come not only from privileged backgrounds but from HYPERprivileged backgrounds. Develop a new politics that responds to the world as it is today. If you think you wouldn't be dealing with the same kinds of problems if the Nazis won (and much worse), you don't understand what the Nazis were really all about. And you don't understand how heavily infested with Nazi doctrine Globalism actually is or how many Nazis (and, of course, collaborators) were involved in developing it.

      Star Trek Discovery is not about diversity or multiculturalism. It's about the power of Empire to bash difference into uniformity. Their casting decisions are meant to show how the chaos of human existence can be happily reduced to a harmonious order under a universal military dictatorship. The troublemakers are the ones who refuse to be assimilated and put on the glorious Blue and Gold.

    5. Pure gold, Christopher, pure gold!

    6. I think everyone has had the sense for a long time that this country - this civilization, even - was well on the road to dissolution. How did you expect it to happen? Ethnic war is one of the most time-tested solutions to the problem of what to do when too many people are trying to gobble down too few resources, and it's not like you get a choice if one does start. Nobody in the Balkans gave a god goddamn what you believed or how much you love your fellow man or how great your intentions are. If you were the wrong race at the wrong place at the wrong time, you got waxed. I'm not saying it's "fair" but neither is life.

      The idea that globalism is secret Nazis is patently absurd. Nazis were racialists, they fought to utter destruction to try to prevent the world from being turned into a borderless melting pot of increasingly homogeneous global monoculture and the blending of races as a matter of official policy and state propaganda. It's sick shit, it's being imposed on people who don't want any part of it.

    7. @Kim Love congratulations for filling three squares on the "male shaming bingo" card. If you had just called me a virgin you would have made a whole row.

    8. Congratulations on avoiding the question. Im sure you will go on to a wonderful life of telling other people what to do with their lives like a typical insecure fascist shit.

  29. Two thoughts that keep me smilin':

    - You do know what STD stands for, right?
    - Who remembers the song? You know, the song:

    'We come in peace, shoot to kill
    Shoot to kill
    Shoot to kill
    We come in peace, shoot to kill
    Shoot to kill, men!
    Star trekkin', across the universe
    Only going forward 'cos we can't find reverse.'

  30. This proves the point.

    There is no savior when we live in time.

    Unless we need one to end the story.

    No one here does.

    And the people who think Star Trek has answers are chasing their own tails.

    Because the people who bring us salvation have a model.

    Follow that model or die.

    See ya'll soon!

  31. Christopher - I know you are at least indirectly related to Peter Grey from Scarlet Imprint via Gordon White. Are you familiar with his work on Babalon? And, my apologies if you've covered this in prior posts I haven't read yet. I'm curious how she relates to the Siren, if it all.


    The episode stars Bill Shatner (in his one and only ever appearance in this series) as an astronaut who has returned to Earth following a pioneering trip (ironically entitled "Project Vulcan") to the planet Venus.

    I saw the episode last nite and wondered how Vulcan was
    Used in this show and then used later on in Star Trek
    You probably already knew this anyway

  33. Lest we forget, the foundation of the star trek mythos is that humanity all but wiped itself out in a global conflagration.

    Starfleet (& the fed) are what the survivors of the flames of purification build so as to rise like a phoenix from the ashes as a tempered humanity devoted to fulfilling its 'great potential.'

    Starfleet Academy's motto is 'Ex astris scientia', 'from the stars, knowledge.'

    Episode four of STD is titled: 'The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry' & The Discovery has gone from being a 'sciene vessel' to 'warship.'

  34. On Thursday 5th October to the 'resurrected National Space Council' ('dormant for some 25 years') mike pence gave a speech in front of the relic that is the Discovery shuttle (& as sister to Challenger a could have been 'Torchbearer' all its own) talking up 'Why the Trump administration wants to return to the moon in partnership with industry', “Now we find ourselves in a position where the United States has not sent an astronaut beyond low Earth orbit in 45 years...”.

  35. Although I mostly agree with you on the new Star Trek, I found a way to thouroughly enjoy the first two episodes. I reminded myself of an old Robert Anton Wilson technique: pretent for two hours you are of a certain choosen ideology.

    For Star Trek: Discovery Ep1 and Ep2 I decided to prentend to be fascist SJW. It worked! I had glorious fun.. (do not forget to retune yourself afterwards).

    Episode 3 and 4 seem to shift the series far away from the pilot tho.. I could not use that technique there.

    But what is it about Tardigrades suddenly having Dune navigator like abilities? I really would love to here your thoughts about this "organic" space thing.

  36. Porton Down In Space is amusing me so far.

  37. Hey all,

    I signed up just to comment on this STD thread.
    I noticed right away,l as everyone else, apparently, the Michael, Gabriel, Ash (Asher/Ashtar) names and so I re-watched the first few episodes with my eye open, so to speak.
    I dabbled in Urantia for a while, and learned a lot from that experience. The Urantians are Ashtar Command. They are the Elohim and the Aesir. They are that Kryon character. They are the Pleiadeans. And they are the officers of ST.
    These entities, their enterprise, has a box for us, should we choose to accept it. It is a pretty box. It is a big box. But it is a box nonetheless.
    It has been said of this period in our history that "There are many voices speaking to the Earth" and these subtle entities are doing a lot of the speaking under many names.
    But we can know them by their works. We can know them by the threads and themes in their messages. Always they interpose themselves between Man and his higher nature, between Man and God, if you will. Always they want to reinforce the dual, black-and-white nature of this being, Man, through whom we, as aspects of the divine, experience and express ourselves.
    But I see the current chaos as an emetic. I see Trump as an outward sign of our inward processes. We are undergoing a period of purgation. The beginning of the process of purification always involves bringing that which is suppressed into conscious awareness so that it may first be seen, and then, once seen, reintegrated and healed.
    I see ST, I see the Empire in all its guises and personalities, as a mirror we cannot look away from. Trump is that x-ray the doctor slaps up onto the light box. There it is, full of big dark spidery-looking things. We cannot look away. It is us, right there, up on stage, making noise, dancing around, crashing into things. He is us. STD is us. What was background is becoming foreground, not to smash us, but to force us to look at it and to deal with it.
    I am aware of this because it is happening in my own life, and I understand the process and its signs and symbols.
    Everything is rendered metaphorically. That is how this universe works. Everything is a hyperlink, a symbol that leads to something more.
    We are on the cusp of a jump. Evolution is not smooth. It is, as they say, a process of "punctuated equilibrium". We are experiencing the punctuation, and STD and Trump, all of the old energy, the Black Iron Prison, the Empire that never died, is asserting itself as it begins to experience the new energy. The old world is not going to go away quietly. That isn't how it works. It is going to double down, and then do that again.
    The movie "Tomorrowland" was a very big signal. They overtly showed us how this whole thing works. Why? Who sent the signal? I think it doesn't matter. What matters is whether we receive it, and what we make of the message.
    Change is messy, and things are definitely a mess.
    The Etch-a-Sketch is being shaken up - to make room for a new image.
    Now all we have to do is to begin drawing the picture we want to see.

  38. STD (and how could they not see that reference) is an atrocity, an abomination.

    That out the way, genuine Star Trek was never about empire or militarism. Anyone who thinks that isn't getting it. First of all the UFP is a civilian body. Starfleet is Earth's space corps and all the members of the UFP have their own space corps. Some solely military and some like Earth a mixture.

    However Trek is about one thing that many "free souls" seem to for some reason fear - individual states forming a federation with each other. I suppose that's frowned because of the proceed that was deemed globalization. Which was just about certain people finding new vistas to include in their pillaging. So the term has become irredeemably sullied. But I for one am very much in favor of people and nations forming bonds for the good of all.

    That for the good of all union is a major part of what genuine Star Trek is about. It's no wonder they had to attack it by giving it an STD.